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About Me

I'm NORXND, also known as Norbert. I'm 15 years old hobbyist programmer, living in Koszalin, Poland. I have 2 years of experience with Python and more than 1.5 years with Lua (actually it’s Luau, I also work(ed) on Roblox). Meanwhile, I also make some graphics (I’m obsessed with Etienne Robial and CANAL+) and I’ve made some music in the past. For now, I’m on a break because of school that takes too much time than it should, but I hope soon I'll be able to make some great things. I rarely play games, sometimes I play FE2 (Yes, it is on Roblox), Portal 2, GTAV or something else. For the whole past year, I used to work with my friend and kind of famous guy, leading our Roblox game studio “Inertia”. It collapsed eventually, because of school and some other stuff on both ends. In the future, I want to become a freelance software developer. I’m not taking any commissions or accepting any job right now, if you feel like you have something that might interest me, head to the contact tab! And yes, I'm a furry, but fandom is my very side hobby. What else can I say about myself?